Interactive Diversity Experiences

A three-phase immersive experience with a twist—your audience is the jury.

Seen by Over 250,000 People

Over 750 Presentations

13 Years Running

Seen by Over 250,000 People

Over 700 Presentations

12 Years Running

Just Cause:
The Experience

by Lisa Dillman and Todd Logan

Just Cause: The Experience | Protesters march in the streets carrying signs that say "race, class, gender, and social justice."

Bring your audience a brand new legal drama from the creators of nationally-accliamed Defamation. Set in the Covid-19 pandemic, Just Cause is a workplace story that explores the death of George Floyd, #MeToo feminism, cancel culture, social justice, and much more.

Here’s The Story:
Ms. Madison Loew is suing her former employer, Midwest Repertory Theatre, for Breach of Contract after she’s been fired for “racial insensitivity.” She claims MRT lacked just cause sufficient to end her employment contract.

Defamation Experience

by Todd Logan

The Defamation Experience | 13 Years Running

With 13 years running, nationally-acclaimed Defamation by Todd Logan is an “in-your-face mashup of race, class, and law that gives you a view of two very different worlds… and then enlists you to take a stand.”

Here’s The Story:
Ms. Regina Wade is suing Mr. Arthur Golden for Defamation after he’s accused her of stealing a family heirloom.

She claims she didn’t steal it—and that she lost business because of his accusations.

Breaking The Barriers Of Diversity Programming

Diversity and conversation about important issues like race, class, gender, and social justice are part of the DNA of a modern organization’s culture. Our exclusive & unique interactive diversity programming starts with the power of theater with original riveting legal dramas including these themes and more.
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Combined with an audience deliberation and facilitated discussion, Just Cause: The Experience & The Defamation Experience each offer a unique opportunity for your organization to engage in civil discourse about the most pressing social issues of our day. The compelling storytelling in Phase 1 of the experience sets the stage for meaningful self-reflection and civil discourse in Phases 2 & 3. The resulting conversations last for days, weeks, and months after the event.

See What Makes Us Different

Exclusive Dramatic Productions

Defamation is one of the longest-touring theatrical productions in the country—with 13 years running. The riveting twists and turns of Just Cause and Defamationaren’t available anywhere but Canamac. Written by creator, Executive Producer, and award-winning playwright Todd Logan & acclaimed playwright Lisa Dillman, our legal dramas will have your audience leaning into difficult topics like race, class, gender, and social justice as they objectively consider their own preconceived notions.

We’ve heard back from previous audience members that these characters and their experiences are still on their mind years after they attended an event. That’s real staying power.

Unique 3-Phase Interactive Experience

We’ve been honing our 3-phase experiential model for more than a decade. From start to finish, we offer an interactive experience that keeps audiences engaged as they become a part of the case, and then a part of the conversation.

Beginning with the power of theater and storytelling, both plays are written to leave the verdict up to the audience as the jury, and every event is different. Deliberation between audience members and our judge leads to powerful self-reflection as well as civil discourse on these difficult topics. That civility leads directly into the post-show discussion, where our facilitator broadens the conversation beyond the play to each of us as individuals, as a part of your organization, and society.

No Hidden Agenda

You’re probably familiar with diversity trainings and workshops that start from a set of assumed right answers to learn so that you can check the boxes this year. With Canamac’s programming, we’re here to make you think, but not to tell you what or how to think. Even the verdict in the case is decided by you, not by us.

There’s no pop quiz at the end, no definitions or jargon to conform to. But there is a conversation that invites everyone to share their experiences and perspectives in a respectful way that goes beyond the surface “easy” conversations. People are able to be seen and heard through courageous, vulnerable conversations made possible by our unique approach.

Meaningful, Long-Lasting Conversation

The culmination of our 3-phase model is the Post-Show Discussion, with participants opening up to share what they were thinking and feeling during the play, as well as insights from their own lives. We know from years of feedback that the conversations keep going after we’re gone—often for days, weeks, and months.

Every conversation is tailored, led both by our expert facilitators and organically from audience input. We work with you to understand who’s in the audience, what additional work around DEI they’ve experienced or that you have planned, and any additional context that will help us drive lasting value from the conversation we’re engendering. Our goal is to partner with you to be part of your solution for DEI programming, built into your overall approach.

Flexible & Customizable

You’ve got a lot of options to bring these programs to life at your organization. Our facilitator can join your audience in-person, or we can customize our hybrid Telepresence model in one or more locations simultaneously. We can also deliver the same impactful program 100% virtually with our online events.

We offer One-Time events with all three phases presented together, as well as Flex events if you need more convenient timing. And, we’re always open to hearing your ideas for a custom solution that works within your organization’s engagement norms.
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See what diversity experts have called one of the best events they’ve ever booked.

“A brilliant, shifting jigsaw puzzle of a coutroom drama…No one escapes the jury’s deliberations unchanged.”

Rabbi Debra Kassoff
Jackson, MS

“This is an in-your-face mash-up of race, class, religion and law that gives you a view of two very different worlds… and then enlists you to take a stand. Right then and there as the jury! We need the frank conversations this play fearlessly ignites.”

Erika Harriss
Mindful Metropolis

“…Highly recommended for all institutions and organizations that seek high quality and effective diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development opportunities.”

BJ Kimbrough
Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Chief Diversity Officer
University of West Alabama

“The play is extraordinarily well-written—provocative and engrossing, subtle yet resolutely inviting (if not demanding) that we reflect upon our prejudices.”

Susan Connor
Professor of Law
The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL

“Unlike any professional development our division has experienced and I know we will be talking about it for a long time.”

Jennifer Humphreys
Operations Associate for Student Affairs
Oregon State University

“The play is extraordinary and creates an active dialogue that is continuing over weeks and weeks after the performance. I commend Defamation as an effective resource to create dialogue to bridge the racial divide.”

William H. “Smitty” Smith
Founding Executive Director
National Center for Race Amity

“I would absolutely recommend this play to any teachers who are interested in having a complex discussion about race, class, religion and gender. My students were mesmerized and engaged..”

Jenifer Resnick
English Teacher
Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook, IL

“A beautiful stimulus to what amounts to good deep reflection and healthy conversation.”

Chris Esparza
Director of Diversity, Inclusion, & Leadership Development
University of Oregon School of Law

“…a powerful tool for initiating complex conversations around important critical issues.”

Rosemary Johnston
Assistant Principal, Student Affairs
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

“…The reality of life’s toughest topics was presented with class.”

Ahmad El-Gendi
Orange County Bar Association, Orlando, FL

Case Study: Corgan

Corgan, a global architecture and design firm, worked with us twice in 2021 to bring Just Cause: The Experience to their interns, then again with an all-employee audience as part of their DEI-focused “Allyship Is An Action” program.

Case Study: Episcopal Day School

As a Telepresence event, faculty & staff at Episcopal Day School were able to share Just Cause: The Experience in the same physical space while we delivered each phase of the program virtually. Audience members were able to address their peers and leaders in person as they discussed issues related to race, gender, and power.

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Just Cause: The Experience
The Defamation Experience

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