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Just Cause: The Experience | NEW!
The Defamation Experience | 12 Years Running

A three-phase immersive diversity experience with a twist—your audience is the jury.

Diversity and conversation about important issues like race, class, gender, and social justice are part of the DNA of a modern organization’s culture. Our best-in-class virtual diversity programming is a vehicle for creating and sustaining genuine human connections within your organization & community whether you’ve returned to in-person operations or operating fully remote.

Original legal dramas combined with an audience deliberation and facilitated discussion, The Defamation Experience & Just Cause: The Experience offer a unique opportunity for your organization to engage in civil discourse about the most pressing social issues of our day. We bring together the power of theater with meaningful self-reflection and civil discourse, with a resulting outcome of converstaions that last for days, weeks, and months after the event.

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Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, December 7th
& Wednesday, December 8th


See what diversity experts have called one of the best events they’ve ever booked.

“A beautiful stimulus to what amounts to good deep reflection and healthy conversation.”

Chris Esparza
Director of Diversity, Inclusion, & Leadership Development
University of Oregon School of Law

“Unlike any professional development our division has experienced and I know we will be talking about it for a long time.”

Jennifer Humphreys
Operations Associate for Student Affairs
Oregon State University

“…The reality of life’s toughest topics was presented with class.”

Ahmad El-Gendi
Orange County Bar Association, Orlando, FL

“…a powerful tool for initiating complex conversations around important critical issues.”

Rosemary Johnston
Assistant Principal, Student Affairs
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

“…Highly recommended for all institutions and organizations that seek high quality and effective diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development opportunities.”

BJ Kimbrough
Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Chief Diversity Officer
University of West Alabama

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