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Join other diversity professionals as a member of the jury in one of our interactive legal dramas. Signup for a free screening of Just Cause or Defamation to see the entire film and see how we can help you take your audience deeper into difficult conversations about topics like race, gender, & justice.

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Screening Event: Just Cause

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Here’s The Story: Ms. Madison Loew is suing her former employer, Midwest Repertory Theatre, for Breach of Contract after she’s been fired for “racial insensitivity.” She claims MRT lacked just cause sufficient to end her employment contract.

Released in 2021: a brand new legal drama from the creators of nationally-accliamed Defamation. Set in the Covid-19 pandemic, Just Cause is a workplace story that explores the death of George Floyd, #MeToo feminism, cancel culture, social justice, and much more.

Just Cause: The Experience

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"I am truly a fan of Just Cause... The storyline and the incorporation of relevant topics and terms definitely resonated with our audience."

Halima K. McWilliams, MS, PHR, CDP
Associate Principal, Corgan, Dallas, TX

“The trial was awesome! I very much enjoyed it and think our students would as well.”

Andrea Pereira
Resident Director, Newbury Hall, Office of Housing and Residence Life, Western CT State University

“I would recommend “Just Cause” for anyone looking for an engaging, interactive, and though provoking DEI training. Our students engaged in such a meaningful way. It was truly a learning experience.”

Kelly Saunders
Student Activities Coordinator, Germanna Community College, VA

“I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation after the presentation and kept thinking about it days after viewing the production.”

Loretta Edelen
Community Engagement Director, Austin Community College, TX

“This is my second time attending the experience. This is a wonderful program.”

James Sherman

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Screening Event: Defamation

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Here’s The Story:
Ms. Regina Wade is suing Mr. Arthur Golden for Defamation after he’s accused her of stealing a family heirloom.

She claims she didn’t steal it—and that she lost business because of his accusations.

With 12 years running, nationally-acclaimed Defamation by Todd Logan is an “in-your-face mashup of race, class, and law that gives you a view of two very different worlds… and then enlists you to take a stand.”

The Defamation Experience

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"Defamation is a terrific performance piece that allows the audience to confront issues of bias and racism in a thoughtful and intelligent way."

Ty Furman
Managing Director, BU Arts Initiative, Boston University

"One of the best campus programs we have had by far! The riveting courtroom drama not only kept audience members engaged from beginning to end, but the open, honest discussion afterwards about race and class was even more powerful."

Lynne Watts, Ed.S.
Director, Student Life, Davidson-Davie Community College, NC

"Defamation is a beautiful stimulus to what amounts to good deep reflection and healthy conversation."

Chris Esparza
Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Leadership Development, University of Oregon School of Law

"The Defamation Experience provides a safe space for the audience to grapple with hot button and polarizing issues in a manner that is engaging, promotes self-reflection as attendees are confronted with the biases that they carry, and conducive to learning about others."

Annette Watters, M.A.Ed.
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

"The more people that engage in this program, the better our world can become."

Johnny Marcolini
Global Education Coordinator & Student Advisor, Penn State University Global

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