Interactive Diversity Programming
For Law Schools

— Your Audience Is The Jury —

Our interactive diversity experiences put your audience—students, faculty, or staff—at the heart of the story, acting as a jury in a case dealing with issues at the intersection of race, class, gender, social justice, and the law. Since premiering Defamation in 2010, our interactive diversity programs have been performed over 750 times for more than 250,000 people.

“St. Mary’s University School of Law is so grateful to the Canamac Productions team for helping facilitate the discussion on issues of race, equity, and access to justice during our first year law student orientation. This was really an outstanding experience that our new first year students have continued to rave about throughout their first week of school. This sparked our students’ spirit of advocacy for social justice and wouldn’t have been possible without the really great work that Canamac Productions is doing in the space to help facilitate conversations around some of the pressing issues facing the world today!” 
Afton Cavanaugh

Assistant Dean of Law Success, St Mary's University School of Law, San Antonio, TX

Just Cause: The Experience
Just Cause: The Experience is a ripped-from-the-headlines story set in the work-from-home world of the COVID-19 pandemic with backdrops like the death of George Floyd and the #MeToo movement. Your audience will engage together within a fully immersive & interactive experience.
The Defamation Experience
With 12 years running, The Defamation Experience brings a proven interactive diversity experience to your audience. The trial “holds our prejudices and assumptions under a powerful lens, and does not let go except by way of an unsettling self-examination.”

(4 Cohorts)

Established in 1927, St. Mary’s Law is both a Marianist and Hispanic-serving institution. Our Telepresence event format allowed the school to bring Just Cause: The Experience simultaneously to multiple cohorts of incoming 1L students gathered both in-person and online. Students first deliberated as a jury, then discussed how identiy and social issues intersect with individual experiences and the justice system as a whole.

Our programming has been presented to law schools across the country, including Boston University School of Law, DePaul University College of Law, Hofstra University School of Law, Roger Williams University School of Law, South Texas College of Law, St. Thomas University School of Law, and University of Minnesota Law School. 

We’ve also presented to a diverse set of legal organizations, such as the Law School Admissions Council and the National Association of Law Student Affairs Professionals (NALSAP).

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Each of our programs bring a unique opportunity for your academic community to engage in civil discourse about the most pressing social issues of our day.

Canamac Productions | 3-Phase Experience

Our proven 3-phase experience model begins by immersing your audience in the power of theater with a riveting legal drama. Then, they will act as jurors to decide the outcome of the case, followed by a post-show discussion bring the issues to life for them as individuals and as a part of your organization.

Conversations started at your school will last for days, weeks & months.

In the Post-Show Discussion, our experienced facilitator will guide a conversation that gives your audience a way to share their own personal experiences and perspectives. Typical discussion themes include:


  • The unique perspectives we each bring as individuals into our place in the justice system
  • How our own experiences shape our relationships with clients and coworkers
  • How power plays into our daily interactions as well as legal outcomes
  • The issues at play in a case beyond the fact pattern
  • How social and identity issues play into hiring, firing, and retention
  • What it takes to have difficult conversations
  • The role of individuals vs. organizations in social justice
  • Allyship, respect, and accountability

An ideal diversity program appropriate for your entire school or targeted for specific audiences and events:

  • 1L Orientation Programming
  • Ethics/Professionalism Exploration
  • Team Building & Professional Development for Staff
  • Ongoing Diversity Programming
  • Community Outreach

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