Our Approach

Canamac Productions is committed to producing dynamic, socially-relevant, interactive experiences. Our 3-phase diversity programming model encourages and promotes powerful self-reflection and engaging civil discourse around some of today’s most pressing topics: race, class, religion, gender, and social justice.

Our role is to partner with you to facilitate the culture around diversity that you’re looking to engender and grow. Our experiences begin with the power of theater, giving your audience members a shared experience that provides a common point of reference. The twist? Your audience is the jury, leading them to reflect inward about their own biases and preconceived notions. After deliberating the final verdict, we lead a post-show discussion where audiences open up about what they saw, what they thought, and what they felt.

Whether your organization is just beginning these difficult discussions or is further along on the journey, our proven experience model can enable meaningful, long-lasting conversations that last for days, weeks, and even months after our event takes place.

We believe in the power of stories.

We believe we all have biases.

We believe that no one is better than anyone else.

We believe in the power of diversity.

We believe talking about all of this is hard.

We believe change is hard.

We believe the power of theater can shine a light.

We believe in the power of civil discourse.

We believe inside everyone is the capacity for kindness and goodness.

We believe in the power of the immersive experience.

Todd Logan

Executive Producer

Jason Parker

Managing Producer

Gina Taliaferro

Associate Producer

Claire Montenegro

Director of Programming