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Discover what diversity experts are calling one of the most relevant and compelling programs they’ve scheduled. From all types of organizations, the feedback is unanimousThe Defamation Experience & Just Cause: The Experience inspire true self-examination and guides long-lasting conversations.
This was really an outstanding experience that our new first year students have continued to rave about… This sparked our students’ spirit of advocacy for social justice and wouldn’t have been possible without the really great work that Canamac Productions is doing in the space to help facilitate conversations around some of the pressing issues facing the world today!
Afton Cavanaugh

Assistant Dean of Law Success, Service Prefessor of Law, St. Mary's University School of Law

I am truly a fan of Just Cause… it definitely resonated with our audience.
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Halima K. McWilliams, MS, PHR, CDP

Associate Principal, Corgan Architecture

One of the best campus programs we have had by far! The riveting courtroom drama not only kept audience members engaged from beginning to end, but the open, honest discussion afterwards about race and class was even more powerful.

Lynne Watts, Ed.S.

Director, Student Life, Davidson-Davie Community College

Highly recommended for all institutions and organizations that seek high quality and effective diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development opportunities.

Dr. BJ Kimbrough

Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Chief Diversity Officer, University of West Alabama

I kept thinking about our conversation days after viewing the production.

Loretta Edelen

Community Engagement Director, Austin Community College

We as a campus are taking steps to build a more inclusive community and The Defamation Experience was great at helping us do that.

Keshia Booker

Assistant Director, Multicultural Development, Slippery Rock University

I commend The Defamation Experience as an effective resource to create dialogue to bridge the racial divide.

William H. "Smitty" Smith, Ed.D.

Founding Executive Director, National Center For Race Amity

The Defamation Experience is one of the best ways I have found to talk about our differences in a way that invites everyone to the table and gives them the confidence they need to add their voice to the conversation.

Ke'Ana A. Bradley

Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Programs and Services, University of Notre Dame

Conversations catalyzed by the visit have continued and helped to set the tone for further valuable work related to diversity and equity. In myriad ways, The Defamation Experience marked a turning point for our community.

Nate Gleiner

English Teacher, Chair, Equity & Justice Team, The Seven Hills School

Just Cause really moved the needle in the right direction regarding DEI in our organization. We are excited to keep the conversation going.
Stacey Spencer

Diverity, Equity & Inclusion Business Partner, Oregon State Treasury

The team is just about the most amazing, kind, and intelligent people you’ll ever meet. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking professional development experience, look no further.
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Cheryl Adenekan

Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Episcopal Day School of St. Matthew, San Mateo, CA

The Canamac team were experts in working with our students and appropriately challenging them to think deeply and critically about the important topics covered by Just Cause.

Melissa Skiles

Director of Community Well-Being, The Hamlin School, San Francisco, CA

The Defamation Experience is a beautiful stimulus to what amounts to good deep reflection and healthy conversation.

Chris Esparza

Director of Diversity, Inclusion, & Leadership Development, University of Oregon School of Law

I would recommend Just Cause for anyone looking for an engaging, interactive, and thought provoking DEI experience.

Kelly Saunders

Student Activities Coordinator, Germanna Community College

Students have commented that this was the very first time that they had an opportunity to have an open and honest discussion in a way that brought to light the biases that they each had.

Connie Powell Nichols

Professor of Law, Baylor University School of Law

Unlike any professional development our division has experienced and I know we will be talking about it for a long time.

Jennifer Humphreys

Operations Associate for Student Affairs, Oregon State University

The Defamation Experience holds the audience’s own prejudices and assumptions under a powerful lens, and does not let us go except by way of an unsettling self-examination. No one escapes the jury’s deliberations unchanged.

Rabbi Debra Kassoff

Jackson, MS

It is impossible to leave the ‘courtroom’ without a deep re-examination within yourself.
Andrew F. Roberts

Coordinator of First Year Experience, Western New England University, Springfield, MA

This is a brilliant platform that creates dialogue and endorses the importance of inclusion.
Terry L. Phillips, MSSL

Director of Multicultural Affairs, Lenoir-Rhyne University

Students left the experience motivated to continue those conversations with their peers, family and friends. The Defamation Experience is a program that benefits all students at your institution.

Kameron Echols

Director of Multicultural Affairs, University of Tennessee at Martin

As always, thank you! The Defamation Experience is an effective, creative, and valuable teaching tool!

Gena Lewis Singleton, J.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, South Texas College of Law Houston, Houston, TX

The team at Canamac Productions was terrific to work with…I appreciated the energy, enthusiasm, and empathy they brought to the discussion with students.

Molly Land

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Connecticut School of Law

The more people that engage in this program the better our world can become.

Johnny Marcolini

Global Education Coordinator & Student Advisor, Penn State University Global

I am so grateful for the work Canamac does in giving us these full experiences and leading us through these authentically enriching conversations.

Nigel C. Word, M.Ed.

Director of Student Leadership & Engagement, Northern Virginia Community College

The Defamation Experience provides a safe space for the audience to grapple with hot-button and polarizing issues in a manner that is engaging, promotes self-reflection as attendees are confronted with the biases that they carry, and conducive to learning about others through the post-show discussion”
Annette Watters, M.A.Ed.

Diversity Outreach Project Manager, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Defamation was a terrific performance piece that allows the audience to confront issues of bias and racism in a thoughtful and intelligent way. The post-performance discussion was handled expertly and the audience was engaged and passionate without being disrespectful.

Ty Furman

Managing Director, BU Arts Initiative, Boston University

The Defamation Experience was honestly the best event I ever booked!

Ashly M. Taylor

Specialist for Education Programming, Diversity Advocacy, Illinois State University

A powerful tool for initiating complex conversations around important critical issues.

Rosemary Johnston

Assistant Principal, Student Affairs, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, CA

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