Case Study:

Putting Allyship Into Action

Corgan Architecture Firm

The Client

Corgan is an architecture firm based in Dallas, TX with over 600 employees in 14 offices across the US and around the world.

The Challenge

Get employees talking about difficult topics like race, gender, and social justice, allowing not only better openness and cohesiveness as a team, but better work delivered to clients based on one of Corgan’s 5 major design principles: Empathy.

“If you are looking for an interactive and unique program to align with your organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, Canamac Productions is an awesome partner you’ll want to lean on. Their approach to raising collective consciousness and demystifying many heavy topics is done with a high level of thoughtfulness and precision.”

Halima K. McWilliams, MS, PHR, CDP
Associate Principal

How We Partnered

Just Cause: The Experience Online

Program #1:


Just Cause: The Experience Icon
Corgan first brought in Just Cause: The Experience to build onto the award-winning virtual internship program in the summer of 2021.

Program #2:


Just Cause: The Experience Icon
In December 2021, Just Cause: The Experience returned to Corgan with the entire company as an audience, as a year-end anchor to its Allyship Is An Action program.
Both programs were delivered in our Online format, a fully-virtual & immersive experience that gives each participant a front-row seat. Audience members from multiple offices and geographies are able to vote and deliberate together as a jury.

When they wish to join the conversation, their video feed is highlighted for everyone, giving them a chance to share their perspective, being seen and heard across the organization.

Outcomes & Feedback

Corgan’s partnership with Canamac Productions created opportunities for teams to have an intimate team-building experience and connect to create unique belonging memories. Employees could approach difficult topics at their own pace and level of readiness—and engage accordingly.

Participants appreciated the unique interactive components of the experience and noted they were engaged from start to finish.

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